Karen Grady

Karen is constantly inspired by the connection between mind and body. She is continuously deepening her knowledge of movement and health and believes GYROTONIC® allows the body to work smarter and move more efficiently.  GYROTONIC® builds coordination, strengthens muscles and energizes; Karen works these aspects into her personalized, individual sessions.

Karen is a lover of life and a mother, which keeps her on her toes. Recovering from the birth of her son, she gained a deep understanding of taking care of herself and living a life without ongoing pain. Karen believes that we should all be able to enjoy activities we love for years to come

Karen individually tailors sessions for each of her clients based on her extensive movement background and history with exercise. She’s worked with clients recovering from knee, hip, ankle and shoulder injuries as well as a variety of spinal issues and back pain. She’s also worked with many athletes on cross training as well as students looking to have more balance and coordination. She believes that movement can be very healing for both the mind and the body. Sometimes we just need to find new ways of connecting them.

Karen graduated from Cornish College of the Arts in 2006 with a B.F.A. in dance and received an outstanding artist award at graduation. Wanting to deepen her knowledge of anatomy and therapeutic work Karen became certified as a GYROTONIC® instructor in 2009 and actively instructs clients at PIVOT. Karen strongly believes that variety in exercise is essential to staying healthy and happy.

Elaine Shen

Elain is a GYROTONIC® instructor who believes that balance and freedom in daily movement are essential to ensuring life-long health and well-being. Elaine has always been fascinated with the interrelationship between the mind and the body. She has a Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience and a MBA in Technology Management. Elaine has contributed to academic research in neuroscience and worked as a senior scientist and program manager in the biotech industry.

While in biotech, Elaine spent endless days at the computer and in meetings, consumed by the stressful demands of her work and ignoring the tension and tightness in her body. As burnout took hold, she heard the wake-up call to get her body moving again. Elaine discovered the GYROTONIC® exercise method at a local studio, and found its low-impact lengthening and strengthening exercises were a perfect counterpoint to the mental and physical stresses of a corporate desk job.

The GYROTONIC® exercises enabled her to release her pain and tension, find balance, and reclaim her quality of life. The benefits were so profound that Elaine left the corporate world to become a GYROTONIC® instructor.  She views her current role as a continuation of her longstanding interest in the brain-body connection, delivered in the context of movement and health.

Elaine loves to work with clients who are curious and motivated to discover and restore their personal vitality, strength and resilience. By finding these attributes within themselves, her clients are empowered to flourish at home, at work and at play, and in any endeavor they pursue.

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